Loungefly Minnie Mouse Stocking Crossbody Bag


Zip off to your favorite holiday shops for stocking stuffers in style! This Loungefly Disney Minnie Mouse Cosplay Stocking Crossbody Bag is just the thing to put you in the holiday spirit. This figural bag takes on the entire shape of a holiday stocking, but all done up in Minnie Mouse polka-dot style. A red background forms a base for brilliant white polka dots—and the details continue on all sides of this bag—front to back to side. Just under the cuff of the stocking, you’ll find the zipper top, which opens up to reveal plenty of room for all the day’s necessities. Also, at the top, you’ll find Minnie Mouse’s signature ears and bow—coming to life in applique detail. A sprig of holiday decorates the center of the bow. It’s the perfect accessory for any holiday-themed Disney trip—or for turning everyday outings into merry, bright, and magical adventures.

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